Determination Of Heirship
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My role as a Genetic Genealogists is a multifaceted role within the genealogical domain, encompassing the specialized area of Forensic Genealogy, Traditional Genealogy, and cutting-edge Genetic Genealogy. I understand that no two situations are alike, and your client's loved one's wishes and family circumstances shape the path forward.

In cases where a will is absent, the responsibility of estate administration falls on the executor, who oversees the process. However, in situations where individuals pass away without a will, intestacy laws come into play. The probate court steps in to appoint an administrator, and an Attorney Ad Litem is mandated to represent the interests of unknown heirs, tasked with identifying them and ensuring their rightful participation in the inheritance process. Identifying elusive missing heirs and their scattered locations can be challenging, leading to the need for experts in forensic genealogy and analytical research methods. The Attorney Ad Litem seeks assistance from specialists like me to navigate the complex web of familial connections and uncover hidden heirs, facilitating the legal process.

    Traditional Genealogical Research:
    • Locate missing, unknown, or estranged heirs in probate and intestacy cases through records research.
    • Identify beneficiaries for trust termination by tracing the family tree and relationships.
    • Research property ownership and rights to identify legal owners and heirs.
    • Find witnesses for legal documents like wills, adoptions, etc.
    • Build and validate genealogical family trees.

    Genetic Genealogical Research:
    • Use DNA testing and analysis to confirm biological relationships and kinship.
    • Establish or confirm connections between heirs, beneficiaries, and the deceased.
    • Provide scientific evidence to support inheritance claims and contested relationships.
    • Use advanced DNA technologies to trace lineage and ancestry.
    • Deliver reports on genetic findings for court proceedings.
    • Resolve complex inheritance cases by providing genetic evidence.

    Forensic Genealogical Research:
    • Solve cases involving unidentified heirs and missing beneficiaries.
    • Provide expert testimony and evidence in legal proceedings for probate and inheritance disputes.
    • Uncover information critical to inheritance cases, including adoptions.
    • Utilize specialized databases and forensic techniques to establish links between DNA profiles, genetic networks, and potential beneficiaries.
    • Collaborate with legal experts to ensure accurate and conclusive findings.

    Additional Services:
    • Prepare court-accepted reporting and affidavits.
    • Utilize multilingual services for both document translations and interpretation to assist non-English speakers.
    • Conduct ethical and discreet research and investigations.
    • Verify and complete third-party genealogical research.

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If you are an Attorney Ad Litem seeking experienced support in the identification and location of missing heirs, as well as for the facilitation of heirship proceedings or heir research services to fulfill due diligence requirements, please contact me.